The voice inside your head is your constant companion, your sole partner in everything you do; it’s like a hypothetical relationship that affects all kinds of decisions you make, about yourself and others around you. But unfortunately, for most people, this voice isn’t so positive, but rather scary, depreciating, and highly criticizing.

Criticism isn’t a bad thing until it gets out of control and becomes a hurtful habit. Being a self-critique can help you in many ways. It can help you identify your weaknesses and allow you to overcome them. It can help you become a better version of yourself and grow, both physically and mentally.

But the issue arises when self-criticism turns into self-depreciation; when the voice inside your head makes ugly comments about your body, work, and appearance.

Today, we’ll discuss how you can use self-love and kindness as a motivation instead of fostering self-hate inside your mind.

1. Build a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

The relationship that you have with your mind and body is subjective. You may end up criticizing yourself for a ton of things, from the way you look, talk, and walk to how others view you.

Growing up, we’re conditioned to think about what others think of us, which eventually leads to toxic self-criticism. Fortunately, this is curable. By accepting your identity, potential, power, and strength, you can succeed without building insecurities.

Insecurity can lead to self-centered musings rather than positive behavior. This is a descending spiral that adversely influences your long-term wellbeing and contentment.

2. Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is vital. Rather than complaining for what you don’t have, appreciate what you do have in the moment. Make a gratitude journal, write down what you feel thankful about, count your blessings, and employ a kinder inner opinion.

Transfer your attention away from inadequacies to the simple pleasures of life.

3. Reconstruct Your Negative Thoughts

Show yourself some love by sympathizing with your mind and body. So what if you had a bad day? So what if you couldn’t deliver a striking presentation at work? Recognize your power to overcome by paraphrasing your inner voice. Thank your subconscious for daily reminders and tone down your negative self-talk. Extract the positive from negativity and give yourself time to make things right.

Embrace rather than avoid trials, persevere in discovering their gist, and don’t part with yourself. Whenever you end up comparing yourself to others, try to appreciate their achievements instead of feeling exposed or threatened.

Let me Help You Gain a Positive Perspective

Mistakes of today don’t have to be the failures of tomorrow. Every day is another opportunity to make better choices and let go of the past. If you want to get rid of hurtful, overtly criticizing self-talk, connect with me. I’m Kathy McKnight, a certified life and business coach, who can help you to rephrase your inner voice into a kinder, calmer stimulus for growth.

Connect with my team to learn more about our personal coaching programs.



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