Self-confidence is a particular attitude that comes with having trust in your abilities and skills, giving you a certain sense of control over your life. You’re aware of your weaknesses and strengths, have a positive view of your own self, can communicate assertively, handle criticism, and set realistic goals and expectations.

Low self-confidence can fill you with self-doubt and make you submissive and passive. You might feel unloved and inferior or become more sensitive to criticism. Your confidence levels are rarely related to your abilities—they depend more on your thinking.

According to a life coach, here’s how self-confidence can benefit you in your personal and family life:

Doing your best even under stress

Let’s be honest; juggling your family, professional, and personal life can become extremely difficult, even for people who might not be struggling emotionally. With greater self-confidence, you’ll be able to do your best without succumbing to the pressure or guilt of not doing enough. This will improve the way that you see yourself, as well as the way that your family sees you, and they’ll feel more comfortable depending on you with their problems.

Influencing others

As a parent or older sibling, you carry a lot of influence over the young children in your family. Self-confident people have the ability to influence others a lot more, which helps with negotiating at home or modeling healthy behaviors. Your self-confidence will also inspire your children to become more like you, increasing the chances of them being more confident in themselves as well.

Exuding a positive attitude

Nobody wants to be around someone who is constantly down in the dumps all the time. Your bad mood can easily influence your family and sour gatherings or make others feel worried or on edge. When you’re confident in yourself and your abilities, you’ll be able to get over difficult situations in your life much faster, and you’ll have constant faith that you have a meaningful place in the world, which will help you maintain a positive attitude.

‘You got this’ written on the ground

This peak performance coach will help you improve your self-confidence

Are you ready to start working on your confidence to improve your personal and family life? Kathy McKnight is a certified life coach who can use the power of empathy and self-accountability to help you overcome your internal barriers and see life through a whole new lens.

Kathy also provides family counseling services and addiction intervention services in TampaFlorida.

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