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Running a business is a lonely endeavor—every decision that you make can impact a lot of people, and it isn’t appropriate to ask your subordinates for support or advice. Even if you’re not running a business and are an employee who doesn’t feel satisfied with your current job, career path, or skill set, it can be difficult to reach out and get the guidance you need.

Who can you turn to when you feel stuck? A transformational business coach might be the answer. Business coaches are professionals who use a wide range of skills, such as active listening, empathy, and the ability to ask insightful questions, to help entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and other business professionals develop their skills.

The best coaches, such as Kathy McKnight, use different coaching skills combined with real-world experience and the lessons they have learned from various clients to help you develop and achieve your action plan.

What exactly is business coaching?

Transformational business coaching is the process by which a professional coach like Kathy guides a businessperson and provides essential advice while maintaining an unbiased viewpoint. She aims to help her clients put on a different pair of lenses to see the world through various perspectives. Kathy believes there is no reason to waste your precious time with unplanned experimentation and takes it upon herself to guide you toward tried and tested methods to help you achieve your goals.

She will help you build your leadership skills, improve your mindset, and create helpful business strategies. Everything depends on what exactly you want to get out of this relationship. Overall, your career growth, as well as your growth as a person, is what matters the most.

A certified transformational life coach can help you:

  • Boost your confidence: Kathy will be your #1 fan throughout your journey of self-improvement. She will encourage you and help you work out the various challenges that your business throws at you to boost your confidence. You’ll find yourself being able to handle challenges, crises, and conflicts with much greater ease.
  • Gain perspective: Kathy’s years of experience with business coaching will help you mitigate any blind spots you might have while running your own business or working as an employee. She’ll ask you questions that will encourage you to think creatively and critically and be a sounding board for any ideas you might have.
  • Leave your comfort zone: People often fall into the trap of believing that just because something has always been done a certain way, it needs to continue being done in that same way. A professional business coach such as Kathy will be able to push you into trying new things and develop new ways of thinking.
  • Improve productivity: Gaining a new perspective and figuring out your goals can help you beat lethargy and procrastination and boost your morale and efficiency. Kathy will be holding you accountable for the goals that you’ve set with her, so you’ll be much more likely to give it your all.

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