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Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall when it comes to your performance at work or in your personal life? We often find ourselves stuck in a monotonous ritual that feels impossible to break out of without outside help. As much as our family and friends try to help, they might not have the skills, experience, or empathy required to help you shift your perspective or get motivated to do something new.

That’s where peak performance coaches such as Kathy McKnight come in! Behind every outstanding musician, championship team, or world-class athlete, there’s a great coach who helps them reach their personal goals and keeps them motivated throughout the process. Peak performance coaching will help you get the right skills, insights, and training to be able to build business muscles and perform at your ultimate potential at every avenue in life.

What is peak performance coaching?

Kathy uses a unique mixture of active listening skills, compassion, empathy, and business experience to help her clients improve every aspect of their life—whether it be money, relationships, career, or health, she’s got you covered!

Peak performance is a concept that usually falls under a sub-discipline of psychology known as performance psychology—it focuses on performance skills that are ‘in-the-moment.’ Performance psychology is extremely valuable for business leaders, athletes, surgeons, performing artists, and any other professional who needs top-notch physical and mental processing skills to be able to achieve their goals.

Kathy’s high-quality peak performance coaching services will help you release your inner creativity, improve your overall mental processing, channel your energy, and pinpoint any challenges you might face in your personal or professional life. This form of coaching can help you develop the following:

  • Self-awareness and a positive image of yourself
  • Motivation and a positive attitude
  • Resilience and emotional intelligence

Peak performance coaching will teach you how to manage your feelings and emotions, give yourself more positive self-talk, and enhance your mentality. Kathy will work together with you to help you:

  • Perform well even while you’re under pressure
  • Learn to overcome your anxiety instead of getting inhibited by it
  • Understand past failures and integrate your lessons into new experiences
  • Maximize physical prowess or creativity
  • Overcome anxiety or trauma related to performing
  • Improve your communication in a business or sports team setting

Professionals with rigorous physical or mental performance standards can benefit from peak performance coaching the most since they need to maximize their mental and physical output while improving their emotional well-being. Kathy will work together with you to identify your goals and help you build a step-by-step plan to achieve them all. Her goal is to keep you motivated and accountable for your actions throughout the process and help you develop healthy skills that will last you a lifetime.

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