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Life is about family, wealth, health, relationships, and spirituality. Which one of these areas do you need help with? Kathy is a certified professional coach (CPC) who has the passion for helping people succeed in their personal and professional life. Whether you are having a tough time concentrating at work , going through a divorce , maybe you’re experiencing a writer’s block or any other issue that’s colliding with your potential to succeed. You can bet that Kathy will pinpoint the underlying issue and offer you a lasting solution.

Kathy provides the following services.

Business Turnaround Specialist

As a business turnaround specialist, Kathy has the expertise to implement operational, strategic, and organizational changes through motivating underperforming employees. This is all done by intrinsic motivation, that Kathy brings forth in people allowing them to perform at their peak potential.


As an author, Kathy knows her audience intimately: the beliefs they share and the language they understand, which is what makes her books so effective.

Motivational Speaker

Kathy is definitely a person that can motivate people in the right way, Kathy keeps her audience inspired and engaged and motivates them into action.

Fitness / Nutrition Expert

Kathy has a genuine interest in helping others, which also includes guiding others to a healthier, more positive lifestyle.

Life Strategist

As a life strategist, Kathy helps her clients to live the life they have envisioned, she can help you unlock your true potential and live the life you’ve dreamed of.

Peak Performance Strategist

As a peak performance strategist, Kathy makes sure you bring your A GAME. Kathy’s clientele is diverse and she can bring the best out of one’s self. People become very enthusiastic with their performance due to feeling energized, more self-confident, propelling them to perform at their highest potential.

Collaborative Divorce Coach with Kids

Getting a divorce can be an extremely stressful time, not just for parents but also for the children. Kathy has helped adults manage through these stressful times while helping their children feel comfortable and secure throughout this heart-breaking but sometimes necessary process.


One of the reasons that separate the service the Kathy provides from the rest is that she truly cares about her clients. This is why she will be with you every step of the way and personally transports recovery patients to the recovery center, adding that personal touch that’s simply priceless.

RCP Recovery Coach Professional

Recovery Coach is a trained professional that promotes recovery. Kathy serves as a mentor to help families, individuals, and communities, to strengthen self-awareness so that they may overcome obstacles/barriers and face adversity head-on by utilizing healthy solutions.

Case Mangement

Kathy treats every case on an individual basis. This means you get her complete attention and not some cookie-cutter approach towards dealing with life’s most pressing issues. Whether it is counseling, medical care, food, transportation, or housing, Kathy has got you covered. She also delivers any other service that you may need to get through the rough patch in your life.


Alcohol or drug interventions should never be confrontational. Kathy knows that all too well, which is why she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing her clients with complete empathic support while they go through the whole spectrum of human emotions from sadness and depression to grief and helplessness. Kathy is here to pull you out of the rut and live a fulfilled life. Kathy brings families from despair back to loving unity.


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