Happiness Comes from Liking Ourselves

Have you seriously checked in with yourself to question or confirm whether you’re happy or not? I was always a happy person until the day came when I was not ok. I developed living in a pattern of unhealthy, broken relationships. I did this for years, back to back.

I got lost in my addiction to drugs after suffering from traumatizing, abusive relationships. I found myself choosing the same relationship partners repeatedly through many years of my life.

One day, I decided to get into action to change the pieces of me that were fragile, the parts of me that were not in alignment with my core values, my authentic self. You and only you can make the changes to live your best life. I have a passion for seeing others live strong. I didn’t learn this way of life to keep it all to myself. I wish for everyone to be happy. This book will show you how to live the life you love. This book will suggest the most important lifestyle habits to become your best you.

These 7 pillars are the blueprint to you becoming happy, whole and secure. In order for you to feel free, be self care designed, elude self respect, embrace self worth and  enjoy living in self acceptance you must get into action.

Happiness Comes From Liking Ourselves. That, my friends, is an inside job.

Stop Holding on to Your


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Are you living in the past? Isn’t it time to let go of anything that does not serve you in a positive or powerful way?

What is literally starving you from feeling free and in total control of your life?

1. Opinions of others
2. Past abuse by the words, actions or sicknesses of another
3. The inability to know who you really are
4. Trying to fit in
4. Seeking acceptance and approval

Close your eyes, now imagine yourself….

1. Beaming with joy at work regularly
2. Smiling with constant bouts of laughter at home
3. Having passionate, intimate love encounters with your plus one on a regular basis
4. Understanding your real place as a parent
5. Having the energy to knock life’s curve balls out of the park
6. Representing an attitude of gratitude which gives you the ability to tackle live with enthusiasm
7. Being genuinely grateful for the good, bad, ugly with all the circumstances life has thrown your way
8. Dropping the ego, pride and jealousy which in fact has cost you financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually to the depths of bankruptcy in those areas
9. Being empowered by vulnerability
10. Seeing the big picture with open-mindedness

I want you to know that by choosing to walk with intention and by chasing a purposeful, personal development lifestyle, your confidence will soar.

You will be able to feel, see and experience security on a level beyond your hopes and dreams.

Why? Because, incredible things arise when you put in the time, effort, sincerity and energy to evolve, overcome and smash limited beliefs.

Be all you can be.

Build your life, one day, one step at a time.  Measure your outcomes, take the right actions to win. Love the life you live.

Millions of people are enjoying the true meaning of life because they have chosen to do the work to smash their fears. They’ve stepped into faith and will continue to conquer any and all obstacles that come their way.

These results proven action steps in this book along with my course will lift you up to your higher potential. This success oriented work will give you the ability to trust and be persistent to persevere when you want to quit. You will use positive solutions when times get tough.

Temptations will arise, the enemy wants to rob you the privilege of becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

This book, plus doing the work it takes to break every chain will empower you to live with the following side effects…
unapologetic self respect and self esteem, a giving heart, grace, mercy and so much success personally and professionally.

Once you have mastered the art of living your best life in the present time, you’ll be left feeling extremely grateful for living a life without guilt, shame or regret.

Embrace the power of FREEDOM it’s right here in this book. YOU ARE WORTH IT SO WORK FOR IT. 

Born Original

Being a certified interventionist and life coach has truly taken my life through so many phenomenal changes. I find so much joy in transforming lives for the better, and I plan to continue doing so for as long as God allows me to. Through this book, you will have a better understanding of your family’s dynamics and hopefully be able to see the bigger picture. My purpose is to help you understand yourselves with much more clarity and confidence. Remember, this is your journey, so please keep moving and be patient with yourselves. By taking action, you’ll naturally make better decisions allowing yourself to grow in the areas that have blocked you from being your most secure, genuine self. Life will continue throwing curve balls at you, but you will have a much stronger, more durable core and instinctively know how to walk through trials, tribulations and obstacles with a powerful faith. Faith is the ultimate game changer.

1 Day Transformation

If you are doubting that you can transform your life in just 1 day, yes 1 day, trust me you must think again.Transforming your life for the better takes an aha moment, a moment of clarity, a spiritual awakening, a message from god, validation, or feeling acknowledged by a powerful source.  Transforming your life takes more than dedication and commitment. You must have a growth-oriented mindset to overcome adversities. You will see results by focusing on nourishing your mind, body, and soul with healthy foods, good choices, and self-care actions. By taking care of your emotional needs, you will begin to feel instant results. This book will guide you through transforming your life in rapid timing.

Your Guide to Living a Fulfilling Life

Life comes with its own sets of challenges and hurdles. That doesn’t mean that you cannot live a fulfilled life. This book is a guide to help you connect within your soul and to grow  eaps and bounds just by getting to know yourself better. By believing in the power of prayer and meditation, you will flourish. The idea of this course study is to walk you through that path by asking relevant questions,and by taking you on a path of self-awareness. This in fact is a game changer which moves you to take your power back. Giving freely because you’re fulfilled brings bouts of joy, security, happiness and peace. Money can not buy you any of these gifts. Take charge of your life today. Live happily in the present.

Freedom Comes From Respect

This book will help you connect with your inner, unique self. We are all born original. In most cases, we think we know who we are on the inside, but we really don’t. It takes a conscious effort to get in touch with our authentic self. This book takes you through a few questions that can help you understand who you truly are, what you have achieved so far, what your struggles have taught you, and so on. This book will take you on a road of self-discovery! Once you become congruent with your thinking, words, and actions, you’ll be in self-acceptance, have a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Once you have achieved self-acceptance, you’ll be respectful towards yourself and others.

Stop Holding on to Your


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