Perfectionists can be their own worst enemy; they feel the need to be or appear perfect, which can lead to agonizing tiredness.

Perfectionism comes at a high expense. You often feel high levels of pressure that influence all aspects of your life.

If you identify yourself as a perfectionist, you might find yourself giving into an unforgiving inner voice that’s always telling you to do better. You hardly ever appreciate your work and you are always conditioned work harder than before.

Whether you spend extra time mending broken relationships or working late hours perfecting your presentation at the workplace, the same voice will keep telling you that you’re not good enough. As a result, you feel burnt out, exhausted, mentally and physically worn out, and eventually give up on yourself.

I’m here to help you steer away from this toxic trait and prevent it from taking away the wind out of your sail. Here are three ways to defeat the toxic perfectionism.

1. Realistic Goal-Setting

Realize your strengths, power, good traits, abilities, and believe that you’re good enough in the moment. You don’t always need to be working on something as long as you’re achieving your goals.

Perfectionism is often a result of setting unrealistic goals for yourself. Therefore, the first thing to do to break the shackles of this trap is by setting S.M.A.R.T goals. Your goals should be Small, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic, and Time bound. This will allow you to live a more peaceful and balanced life.

2. Challenge Your Inner Opponent

Allowing negative thoughts into your head only hurts your performance. Setting realistic goals requires optimism, a belief that you can do it, and no matter the outcome, it’s the effort that counts.

You always have a chance to do it again. It’s important to fight your inner critic with positive, uplifting, and gentle words and not let it wreak havoc inside you mind. A man with his hand on his head

3. Try Not to Multitask

If you think that you can achieve excellence, by multitasking you might be wrong. Being the only one with so much on your plate isn’t necessarily a sign of power and perfectionism. It can actually turn into an ugly, tiring, and pessimistic habit.

Take a break, hit pause, and stop trying to do everything at once. Stop wasting your energy and time. Multitasking might seem beneficial at the moment, but it elevates stress levels.

Start practicing yoga or meditation and give your body and mind some time to reconnect and build back the broken bridges.

Talk to a Certified Professional Life Coach

Take that pessimism down a notch, intensify your insight, and permit positivity and love to thrust you on the road to triumph and contentment.

If you want to gain more insight on how to defeat the trap of perfectionism and let go of the toxic inner voice, let me help. I’m Kathy McKnight, and I work as a personal and professional development coach.

So are you ready to kick perfectionism to the curb?

Let’s go! Contact my team for more information.


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