Do you find yourself delaying your tasks all the time, telling yourself that you will do it in an hour, or perhaps, in the promised neverland of “tomorrow”? You might just be a chronic procrastinator.

Procrastination isn’t usually a sign of a serious problem—everyone tends to give into it every once in a while; however, if it’s seriously starting to impact your life and you find yourself lacking the energy to do everyday tasks, it might be time to talk to a professional life coach. Here are some common reasons for procrastination:

Understanding procrastination

Procrastination is when someone keeps delaying or putting off their tasks until the very last minute, perhaps even way past their deadline. According to some researchers, it’s a form of failure to self-regulate characterized by irrationally delaying tasks regardless of their negative consequences.

You might be procrastinating due to the following:


Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can make it difficult to muster the energy to start your tasks on time, and you might feel like you don’t have the ability to get started until there’s a push.

Boost of energy at a certain time

Some people are naturally night owls—they simply can’t wake up feeling fresh and functional in the morning. It takes them a few hours to be able to start feeling energetic enough to start doing their work, after which it might be a bit too late.


People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tend to easily get distracted by stimuli around them, leading to difficulties with concentrating on their tasks. They might unintentionally procrastinate and fall behind on their list of tasks.

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Understanding your reasons for procrastination and getting the help you need

You might be one of the most committed and well-organized people around, but you’ve probably found yourself wasting your precious time shopping online, watching TV, or mindlessly scrolling through social media when you have work or school-related projects waiting for your attention. Constantly putting your tasks off can negatively impact your grades, job, and overall life.

Don’t let your procrastination ruin your life; talk to a certified transformational life coach instead. Kathy McKnight is a certified life coach in Tampa, Florida who can use the power of compassion and active listening to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and start improving your habits. She’ll help you hold yourself accountable by being your number-one supporter.

Kathy also provides addiction intervention and family counseling services in Tampa, Florida.

Contact her today!

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