How are we coping with anxiety today?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been asking this question many times a day to people from all walks of life. Their answers are always different. Yet, they come from the same place of despair and worry that life coaches are calling coronavirus anxiety.

Let’s admit it.

None of us thought that an invisible virus would be the breaking point of society as we know it. Yet, here we are stuck at home.

As a life coach (and former addict), I have seen what a chaotic mind looks like and how it works. My work allows me to support others during testing times through coping strategies and goal-oriented plans. I’m using my time to reach out and coach as many clients as possible. It is my way of giving back to humanity that is collectively grieving.

Here’s an insight into what the benefits of virtual coaching look like during the pandemic:

Coping with Anxiety: How Does Virtual Life Coaching Work?

Many of us are caught in a limbo. We are stuck at home facing endless hours of isolation and despair. Others put a brave face on to attend zoom meetings and juggle homeschooling with professional life. The uncertainty of the situation makes coping with anxiety rather hard.

With a life coach by your side, you could find a way out of this mess. The virtual life coaching format means that you’ll always have someone guide you through during the low points in the pandemic. They could help you refocus, restart, and tackle the obstacles that life throws at you, one session at a time.

Also, one of the major benefits of life coaching is that it is flexible. You can vent, rant, and chat with your life coach via instant messages, video calls, and emails. That way, you get to keep in touch in between the weekly sessions.

Think of it as having a wise friend who gives you that much-needed pep talk.

What Are the Benefits of Online Coaching During the Pandemic?

Most of the events that transform you are unplanned and unpredictable. The current crisis is the biggest example of unexpected life-altering circumstances.

If you’re interested, then virtual life coaching could shape your life despite the pandemic. We can work together to learn lessons from these circumstances. Then use that information to shape your life for the better.

Even if you don’t want a breakthrough, having a compassionate listener can suffice. All you’ve got to do is learn how to let go of those anxiety-ridden thoughts. Once you do that, your mind will gain clarity, peace, and contentment.

Here are the top benefits of virtual coaching for coronavirus anxiety.

You learn how to:

  • Stay motivated and invested in the tasks at hand. This could be anything from homework, household chores to WFH assignments.
  • Understand the importance of structure and routine to lead a calmer lifestyle.
  • Learn how to disconnect with news and updates that trigger your coronavirus anxiety.
  • Find time to unwind and introspect about your life instead of worrying about others.
  • Figure out a way to channel your negative energy and rage into creative projects.
  • Create a plan that makes time management easier and more efficient.
  • Curb those cravings and addictions by partaking in a wellness journey.

In short, the benefits of virtual life coaching are infinite during the pandemic. It makes coping with anxiety bearable during days where everything else is out of your control.  You also get an accountability partner that roots for you throughout the journey and picks you up if you fall

It’s a Wrap

Long story short, coping with anxiety during the pandemic is challenging. The good news is that it isn’t impossible.  I can equip you with the tools, resources, and behavioral strategies that can bring structure to life in lockdown. We can breakdown your problems and then find out ways to resolve them. That way, you come out of the lockdown stronger and calmer.

So if you’re ever caught in a rut, feel free to give me a shout!

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