Around 21 million Americans aged 12 and above have had some kind of problem with substance abuse in their lifetime, including drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction is more than just a psychological effect—it’s a disease that can affect a person’s emotional and physiological well-being. While there are many harmful effects of drug addiction on the user, the emotional impact on their family can be even worse. Whether it’s a spouse, parent, or child, addiction can alter the lives of everyone it touches.

Here’s all you need to know before getting the help of a drug counselor in Tampa:

Effect on Children

Around 1 in every 5 children has grown up with a parent who struggled with alcohol or drugs. A parent who’s battling with addiction or substance abuse will hurt their child’s development. This can be even worse in a single-parent household since the children don’t have anyone else to whom they can turn to.

Parents with some form of addiction are likely to be busy using their favorite substances instead of taking care of their responsibilities. This results in them being unable to meet their child’s basic needs, such as keeping the child and house clean, providing meals, and ensuring that their child has a good social life and education.

Lost Trust

Addicts don’t tend to follow through with their promises or agreements, causing immense strain on their relationships. It’s important to note that most addicts do want to honor their promises, but the substances make it difficult for them to do so. Hence, in a relationship, their partner might be frustrated because of a lack of following through regarding obligations.

Increased stress

At the worst points of their addiction, a person might leave all of their responsibilities to their partner to bear alone. This turns their partner into an enabler. From raising the children and making important decisions to handling the bills and cleaning up after the addicted person, there’s a lot on their plate that they can’t handle for long. This causes them to be at risk of contracting stress-related conditions such as anxiety and blood pressure.

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Stage a family intervention for addiction with the help of a life coach in Tampa

Is someone in your family suffering from the effects of drug addiction? It’s time to help them open their eyes to the consequences of their actions on both their lives and yours. Kathy McKnight is a certified self-development coach who uses her empathy to gain a deeper understanding of her clients and helps them break through mental barriers with the power of accountability. Her goal is to make people recognize their self-worth and make wiser decisions by following tried and tested methods and adopting a new set of lenses.

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