The precursor to most bad habits is a lack of willpower. From binge-watching TV to going to bed late at night and waking up exhausted the next day, there’s a lot that you can fix just by increasing your willpower. Forming a new habit can take around 3 weeks—that’s a long time that you need to persevere and form healthy behaviors. Without willpower, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy habit until the point where it becomes automatic. You need constant effort and intentional action to be able to achieve your goals.

According to a personal development life coach, here’s all you need to know about increasing your willpower:

Understanding willpower

Your willpower is your ability to control your urges and resist acting on sudden impulses. Your willpower will help you ignore unwanted thoughts or feelings, such as ignoring the urge to take a nap and instead going to the gym. It’s important to remember that your willpower isn’t like a muscle that will keep getting stronger with use. It can get weak rather quickly, so it’s important to create areas where you don’t need to rely heavily on willpower.

Start managing your time

Time management is an essential skill that helps you control and plan your actions in advance. You can boost and support your willpower by gaining a deeper understanding of what you need to do and how you can do them. Setting a detailed outline and creating a schedule can help you manage your time, and you’ll know exactly when you need to muster up your willpower.

It’s a great way of making it more difficult to allow yourself to waste time. If you don’t know what you’re supposed to do next, you won’t be able to muster enough willpower to start.

Eat right

Your energy levels are extremely important when it comes to your attitude towards life and general behavior. It’s great to treat yourself every once in a while, but it’s called a treat for a reason. Don’t let your cravings win at every meal time—create a proper meal plan that includes all the major food groups and gives you the nutrition you need to get through the day. Resisting your temptations is going to help you cement your willpower!

Reward yourself

Sometimes, you might forget how much you’ve accomplished when you’re rushing to do more. It’s important to appreciate yourself and your hard work and reward yourself to keep yourself motivated to do more.

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A self-development coach in Tampa will help you achieve your goals

Increasing your willpower can be difficult by yourself, especially when you have no clue where to start. Kathy McKnight is a certified life coach who helps her clients stay accountable by motivating them throughout their physical and mental wellness journey. Her goal is to help people break down their mental walls and work through unhealthy habits to take responsibility for their actions.

She also provides family counseling and addiction intervention services.

Contact her today!

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