A separation or divorce is difficult to go through already, but what about when you add kids to the mix? Adults must prioritize the feelings of their broken-hearted children over their own, which can be difficult when they’re trying to deal with their pain as well as the legal proceedings of the separation.

A life coach can help you get through these difficult times. Here’s what you can do to navigate a tough divorce:

Don’t make your children take sides

While this might sound like a no-brainer, holding yourself back from blaming your partner and talking negatively about them in front of your children can be difficult, especially when the wounds are still fresh. However, you need to make it clear that your children aren’t going to lose either of their parents because of the divorce.

Maintain their routines

Your children need to have a relationship with both their parents. If one parent has custody while the other has visitation rights, make sure that you help your ex-spouse maintain their routine with their children. Preserving your children’s relationship with their other parent is going to make them feel much safer.

Let them feel their feelings

Kids often respond to the news of divorce with anxiety, sorrow, anger, and shock, and as a parent, you must help them navigate these difficult feelings. Don’t make assumptions about their feelings or the things that they’re most angry or worried about. Make space for their emotions and provide affirmations to help them know that their feelings are valid.

Assure them that they aren’t alone

Keep reassuring your children that you and your spouse love them, they aren’t at fault for any of the current events, and that they’re not alone. You can talk to a counselor to provide them with the support they need, even if they claim they don’t need one. Everyone needs a neutral space to talk about things, including your children.

A parent holding a child

A transformational life coach can help you navigate a tough divorce

We understand how difficult it can be when you’re facing some of the toughest moments of your life alone. With emotions running high and so many responsibilities on your shoulders, things can easily get overwhelming. Kathy McKnight is a transformational life coach who can help provide you with the guidance you need to make this transition peacefully. She’ll provide you with an empathetic ear and use her experience to keep you going.

Kathy also provides family counseling services and business coaching in Tampa.

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