Forbes reports indicate that the number of people suffering from loneliness has tripled in the last four decades. Even during my interaction with clients, 3 out of 4 people report feeling lonely and depressed. Sadly, the same individuals also report battling drug addiction and how they were abandoned by family and friends during their struggle. There are many causes behind the loneliness epidemic; however, we can talk about them some other time. In this blog, I want to talk a bit about the relationship between loneliness and addiction and how families can play a vital role in helping their loved ones fight addiction.

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Understanding the Vicious Cycle- The Relationship Between Loneliness and Addiction

Several studies and my interaction with the addicts have made one thing clear to me- most addicts turn to drugs, alcohol, or other addictions to fight their loneliness and add meaning to their mundane lives. Addiction affects people from all socioeconomic classes, and most addicts that I have met in my life confessed feeling lonely and directionless in their lives. It is a vicious cycle- a person starts feeling lonely and turns to drugs in hopes of feeling better. Later, either addict end up isolating themselves, or their families abandon them because of their behavior and addiction. Once left alone, it makes things worse for an addict.

Why Do Addicts End Up Alone?

Research shows that addiction affects different areas of the brain and lead to behavioral changes. It is common for addicts to get angry and frustrated easily when things do not go their way. Often, addicts even end up becoming abusive and harm their loved ones. As a result of these things, it is a real challenge for family members to support their loved ones fight their addiction.

Why Is Family Important?

I have many depressed and worried clients because they are unable to help their loved ones in fighting addiction. Most people desperately want to do something to save their loved ones, but they just don’t know how to do so. However, we have to understand that family support is extremely important in helping addicts overcome their addiction no matter how difficult it might be. It not only makes things easy but also ensures long-term success.

As a coach, my approach is to provide counseling for the entire family of the addict and try to get them on board. The first thing they can do is learn more about addiction and how it affects their loved ones. Understanding why a person is behaving the way they do can help manage stress and provide healthy support. Besides, family members should also seek therapy and counseling to talk about their struggles during the process.

As somebody who has successfully helped many addicts, I can assure you that family support is a useful tool. It increases the chances of recovery and makes it easier for the addict to make positive changes and adopt healthy behaviors. Of course, there will be days when the families will have to suffer, but it is all going to be worth it in the end.

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Get Professional Support Today

Do any of your loved ones struggle with their addiction, and you want professional support and guidance? Hit me up and book your counseling session today. My action-oriented counseling sessions can help you rebuild those healthy family interactions that can help your loved ones heal.


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